Parole Chocolates was established by a prison doctor, hence the name. In a world ruled by fleeting trends, we focus on things that matter – freshness, visual appeal, and, of course, the taste of high quality chocolate. Dr. Slivko completed her medical school training at the University of Alberta, and her residency in Family Medicine at the University of British Columbia. In fact, UBC was our first big customer! Dr. Slivko received her Chocolatier Diploma from the Pastry Training Centre of Vancouver. She quickly acquired a loyal fanbase among her friends and coworkers, whose encouragement and positive feedback made Parole Chocolates a reality.


Our chocolates are made with Cacao Barry® couverture and Valrhona® chocolate-based fillings, both brands widely known in the pastry world for their superior quality. Our priority is taste and freshness, and as such, we do not add any artificial flavourings, emulsifiers, or stabilizers∗. Our fillings are flavoured with spices and teas, top shelf liqueurs, and fruit purees from France courtesy of Les Vergers Boiron®. As our products are freshly made without additives to prolong shelf life, they are not meant to be kept for more than a few weeks prior to consumption – however, based on our customers’ feedback, our chocolates do not last long after purchase!


You can find us on select dates at the Royal City and Coquitlam Farmers’ Markets. As chocolate is a seasonal product, during the summer, we only do custom chocolate orders through our website.


As of summer 2017, we have expanded our operations to serve ice cream sandwiches from our adorable little turquoise trailer. Not to brag, but we were the first in the Vancouver area to serve macaron ice cream sandwiches and by the end of the season, there was a good half a dozen other businesses offering the same! As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


We bought a smoothie vending trailer from Mountain Squeeze Juicery in beautiful Squamish, BC, and retooled it to serve ice cream. In our first year, we managed to make our appearances at a variety of farmers markets and events, including large scale events such as the Columbia StrEAT Food Truck Fest – sold out in 2.5 hours! For 2018, we are excited to be coming back to these events as well as hopefully being selected for a few more. Stay tuned to see where you can find us in 2018!


Due to the customer demand at large events, we have decided to upgrade our trailer even further this year to stock at least triple the amount of product that we were able to serve last year. Moreover, after hearing hundreds of pleas for SCOOPS, we will be serving just that! In an effort to reduce our waste, we will be offering scoops in waffle cones only. Our cones come from another local GVA business – King Cone and we will continue to make our own ice cream from scratch. That’s right – no premade bases, no dry mixes, no commercial flavourings, and no corn starch! We will certainly continue to offer our most popular flavours – chocolate, vanilla, and pistachio – but I am also thrilled to be working on a few more. I think it’s time for something fruity, no? But given that we have the word “Chocolates” in our name, I will definitely create a flavour with white chocolate!



∗This excludes any additives already present in the premanufactured couverture chocolate or filling ingredients such as commercially produced jam or honey